Best Beer Finds of Summer 2016

IMG_20160708_200729For whatever reason, I tend to spend the spring attending beer festivals looking for interesting brews that I can enjoy for the upcoming summer. My husband loves his IPAs and the hoppier the better, which is great for summer . But not me, I’m a porter and stout kinda girl, and a dark, heavy beer doesn’t work well for me on the beach.  No, for the summer, I have to find make it my mission to find an interesting, different, possibly new to the market beer (sometimes wine) that I can enjoy while I float.  Yes, my cooler floats too. Continue reading “Best Beer Finds of Summer 2016”

Cigar Rolling in Cigar City

cigar making 1So often the best things in life come to you by being at the right place at the right time. Yesterday morning turned out to be just that…right place, right time. As usual, we’d finished brunch (the same brunch we’ve attended for years at Cigar City Brewing) and moved over to the tasting room to check out what was new on the tap board.  And as usual, I’d picked out a new-to-me stout and began wandering around the building, where I met Danny, a third generation tabaquero (cigar maker) from Havana.   Continue reading “Cigar Rolling in Cigar City”

Summer Wine Cocktails with #CKMondaviWines

As the kids go back to school and parents around the country cheer, it’s a sad reminder that summer is quickly coming to an end.  However, before we pack away our beach chairs and umbrellas, there’s still time to enjoy the best summer cocktails I’ve ever made, courtesy of CK Mondavi Wines.

CK Mondavi Blonde Five

wp-1468691158438.jpgThe Coco-Mango Cocktail is a fruity, but not too sweet, blend of wine, coconut water, mango puree, and a little fizz for fun. CK Mondavi’s Blonde Five is a light wine with aromas of honeysuckle and pear and flavors of baked apple, honey, and lemon zest.  Blonde Five is a refreshing wine on its own, but add a little fruit and fizz and the result is a cocktail perfect for hot afternoon.

Continue reading “Summer Wine Cocktails with #CKMondaviWines”

Grilled Pork & Black Bean Asian Stir Fry with #JSLFoods & Fortune Asian Noodles

cuban noodle bowl fixed upcloseWhile in Ireland this summer, I was asked to participate in the Fortune Asian Noodle Blogger Recipe Challenge sponsored by JSL Foods, and my immediate response was an enthusiastic, “YES!”  I mean…seriously!?!!? With the growing popularity of Asian noodle bowls, who wouldn’t want to create and test recipes, especially when you get to eat the fruits of your labor! Continue reading “Grilled Pork & Black Bean Asian Stir Fry with #JSLFoods & Fortune Asian Noodles”

Preview of What’s to Come on Gourmet Everyday

It’s been a busy summer.  We’ve traveled, eaten, and drank our way across Florida and throughout Ireland.  We’ve planned and prepped for a fabulous fall full of cook-offs, camping, cycling, kayaking, and even an inspired meal or two.

In the coming weeks and months, join us as we share

  • Best Beer Finds of the Summer
  • Travel Tips for Ireland
  • Lesser Known Beach Destinations in Florida
  • World Food Championships (November 9-15)
  • Fossil Hunting
  • Camping with Ease
  • Wine Cocktails with CK Mondavi Wines
  • Asian Noodle Bowls with JSL Foods
  • Off Duval Street…Fun in the quieter side of Key West

Here’s a sneak peak of one of our World Food Championship adventures.

I’ll be one of three chefs presenting in WFC’s Sizzlin’ Showcase in November.  While I may not be competing in desserts this year, my program about “Infusing Craft Beer into Desserts” will surely be a hit with a guaranteed sell-out crowd.  Who doesn’t love beer and desserts!?!?!  Put them together and it’s life changing!


Sunset Wine-tini with CK Mondavi Wine (recipe)

This summer has been all about adventures. From Guinness in Dublin to Watermelon Punch in St. Pete and Mango Cocktails in St. Augustine, no summer would be complete without a trip to the beaches of Southwest Florida.
The sunsets over the Gulf are epic and the inspiration for an unforgettable wine cocktail.

1 bottle CK Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc

2 c. Pineapple Rum

3 c. Pineapple juice 

Mix together in a large pitcher. To serve, shake with ice and pour into chilled martini glasses or champagne flutes. Then, gently pour in 1 tsp grenadine and allow it to settle at the bottom of the glass. Serve immediately.