Buttercream is a Food Group

buttercreamDisclaimer: My husband is a health nut.  He works out every day…running, weights, bike.  He’s lost 100lbs, and his only vice is…BUTTERCREAM!

To say my husband loves buttercream would be an understatement…he’s obsessed with it!  I believe I could get him to do just about anything for his own batch of buttercream.  When I bake & decorate cakes, he acts like a crack-addict, looking to score.  While I clean up, he can usually be found at the cutting board, splitting open the piping bag and scraping it clean.  He even takes the leftover and freezes it for later.  He squirrels away buttercream (and bullets, but that’s a different subject…lol) like there’s going to be a shortage one day.  I love that man!

Basic Buttercream Recipe

2 sticks unsalted butter-at room temp

2 c. Crisco shortening

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp almond extract

1/2 tsp salt

1 TBSP meringue powder

1-2lb bag powdered sugar

4-6 TBSP half & half

In a mixer with a whisk attachment, mix butter and shortening on low until well blended.  Add extracts and salt, and continue mixing on low.  Add meringue powder and half of powdered sugar.  Continue mixing on low until well incorporated.  Scrape sides of bowl, add more powdered sugar (in 1/2 c. increments), and continue mixing.  Add half & half as needed.  When all ingredients have been incorporated, turn mixer up to high and let it mix until it looks light & fluffy…approximately 4 minutes.  For thinner icing, mix in more liquid.  For stiffer icing, mix in less.

Buttercream options

For almond flavored buttercream, switch the amounts of almond & vanilla extract.

For milk chocolate buttercream, melt 5 oz. Hershey’s milk chocolate in the microwave and drizzle into the buttercream as it’s whipping.

For dark chocolate buttercream, melt a 5 oz Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate in the microwave and drizzle into the buttercream as it’s whipping.

For white chocolate buttercream, melt a bag of white chocolate chips and drizzle in as it’s whipping.

For strawberry buttercream, mix in 1 c. macerated strawberries & juice before adding powdered sugar, and no additional half & half may be needed.

For lemon or lime buttercream, add 1 tsp lemon extract and use lemon/lime juice in place of half of the half & half.

For tiramisu buttercream, use cold, strong coffee instead of half & half.

For orange buttercream, add 1/2 tsp lemon extract and use orange juice in place of half & half.

For peanut butter buttercream, use 3/4 c. peanut butter and 1 c. shortening instead of 2 c. shortening.

For dulce de leche buttercream, use 3/4 c. dulce de leche and 1 c. shortening instead of 2 c. shortening.

Adults ONLY Buttercream

For Irish Cream Buttercream, use Irish Cream (we prefer St. Brendan’s over Bailey’s) in place of the half & half

For Irish Coffee Buttercream, dissolve 1 instant coffee pkt into 3 TBSP half & half and add 1-2 TBSP Jameson Irish Whiskey as the buttercream is whipping.

For Screwdriver Buttercream, use orange extract instead of vanilla & almond, and then, use 3 TBSP orange juice and 1-2 TBSP vodka in place of the half & half.

For Champagne Buttercream, use champagne/spumante/sparking wine instead of half & half.

For Dark Chocolate Cabernet Buttercream, make dark chocolate buttercream and drizzle in cabernet instead of half & half.

For Mimosa Buttercream, use orange extract instead of vanilla and almond and use champagne instead of half & half.

***The list of possibilities goes on and on and on…

If there’s a buttercream flavor that you’d like to know how to make, just ask.  I’ll do my best to make it for you!

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