Finding Inspiration on the Road…Savannah (updated with punch recipe)

PART_1448557163134In addition to cooking, we travel…A LOT! Travelling so much isn’t a bad thing; there is so much to see and drink and taste. It’s one inspirational experience after another.

The first thing to understand is that we refuse to eat in any chain restaurant. There are so many amazing independent and creative restaurants in every city that resorting to a McD’s or Outback would be sacrilegious.  No,  we prefer to Google and Yelp new restaurants and take our chances.  So far, we’ve never had a bad experience,  and in the end, I come away with some phenomenal new recipe ideas.

Soooo….What tasty inspirations have I had on this trip???

20151126_155915First foremost, the beer and mixed drinks have been truly inspirational. The hot buttered rum at Kevin Barry’s on River Street WILL be on holiday drink rotation. I’m thinking seriously about cooking the hot buttered rum down to a thicker syrup and serving it over ice cream or drizzled on apple pie. Either way, it WILL be fabulous!

20151125_191741Chatham Artillery Punch is a Savannah institution. I’ve read several recipes online, and the best way of describing it is over a half dozen different liquors partying with some champagne in a plastic “to go” cup. I’ve already tried making a small batch,  and while it’s not yet perfect, I’m figuring it out. Biggest issues right now…couldn’t find Benedictine, only had instant peach tea, and haven’t found catawba wine.

Here’s the RECIPE I followed for my Chatham Artillery Punch…savannah_chatham_punch

As for food, Savannah has become a foodie haven.  There is absolutely no reason for anyone to have to eat at a chain restaurant. The casual, trendy dining options seem limitless. Sadly, one of my favorite restaurants closed, but luckily; my other favs are still cookin!

A couple of the best meals I’ve had were both at the Treylor Park on Bay Street. Southern Sloppy Joe’s made with venison, fried banana peppers, and a homemade sauce left me seriously considering licking the cutting board it was served on. Then, Biscuit Benedict of sausage gravy on a biscuit with a scrambled egg (supposed to be a poached egg, but the chef changed it for me) and fried collard greens…let’s just say no evidence of that pile of perfection was to be found…anywhere! And no trip to the Treylor Park would be complete without a “beer & shot combo.” This is the only place I’ve ever been where I can order phenomenal craft beer and get a shot of premium European liqueur on the side served in a tiny red Solo cup.  Fyi…Fernet Branca is my new curiosity. I love it as a shot, so it’s going to be fabulous in other drinks and desserts!

Savannah is also brimming with my kind of comfort food.  Scottish meat pies at Molly Macpherson’s…a slice of late night pizza at Sweet Melissa’s…a gigantic pizza at Vinny Van GoGo’s that I’m willing to wait an hour for a table…pralines at Savannah Candy Kitchen…Jeremy’s favorite Scotch Eggs at Molly Macpherson’s…peanut samples at the Peanut Shop…ALL the cookies at Byrd’s…honey & mead at the Savannah Bee Company…beer at Service Brewing…ice cream at Leopold’s that so good i’ll wait in line everytime…Yes, I eat my way through Savannah, and always leave too many pounds heavier.

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