Finding My Passion at the Food Wine Conference 2016 #FWCon

FWCon Brand Ambassador

When I graduated college, I had dreams of being the greatest thing the field of education had ever seen.  I would take under-performing, uninspired kids and turn them into driven, awe-inspiring students.  Obviously, I’d seen too many Stand & Deliver, Dangerous Minds, and Dead Poets Society style movies. It only took a couple of years in the public school classroom to come to the realization that the teachers portrayed in the those films were forces of nature.  Even sadder was the realization that I was not.

In continued on, knowing that, as a teacher, I was nothing special, getting further and further discouraged with my field of study and choice of career. Then, one night, while having dinner with friends in Orlando, it was suggested that I start a blog and write about whatever interested me.  I did. And the most surprising thing happened…I fell in love with writing all over again.  My audience was small (almost nonexistent), but the simple act of writing every day/week, opened my mind and allowed my voice to grow.

Now, after 18 years of teaching in the same grades at the same school in the same classroom, all I want to do is write…about food. No, I don’t write about education.  I write about food and wine and beer and liquor and travelling and anything I want, but never about education or kids or testing or public bureaucracy or even my my discontent.  I write recipes. I write about restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, caterers, and bakeries. I write about what I love.

Now, as I have finally realized where my heart is, I have been given the tremendous opportunity to attend my first Food Wine Conference presented by Sunday Supper in Orlando this May.  And even better, I will be one of their Brand Ambassadors, to write, publicize, and share our collective love of food and wine and beer and liquor and travelling…all the things that get my heart racing and inspire my mind every day.

Interested in joining me at Food Wine Conference 2016? Register today at Food and Wine Conference.  Use code “GourmetEveryday” and you’ll get $50 off of your registration! Can’t wait to see you there!!!

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