Exhausted Mom…I Can’t Think, Work, or Cook

IMG_20160517_093656I’m certain that every wife and mother has had days and nights when they just can’t muster the energy, strength, or brainpower to cook, clean, plan, shop, or anything else except to simply exist. Right now, for me, breathing is too difficult.  I am exhausted, and my brain hurts.

I’ve sat at this computer for hours with the sole task of creating a menu and shopping list for the week.  It’s 10:30am, and I’m no closer to having a plan for the week than I was at 7am, when I started.  I’ve had 2 cups of coffee, a bottle of water, and 3 mini candy bars (uugghh…I’ll regret that later), and nothing has helped.  I honestly feel like I need battery cables to get a jump start.

IMG_20160515_091248So why am I so absolutely exhausted…drained…tapped…beyond able to think and work??

Simply put…Food Wine Conference presented by the Sunday Supper Movement is to blame.

I know; after a weekend full of inspiring speakers, unbelievable inspiration, and unerring advice, most people would be amped, excited, and bursting at the seams to get into the kitchen to create masterpieces.

So why can’t I?  Simple.  After a weekend of go, go, go, IMG_20160513_161130write, observe, photograph, post, comment, and Tweet, I’m tired. You see…I’m naturally an observer. I sit back, listen, and watch everyone and everything.  I take it all in, digest it, and then, constantly plan, brainstorm, and contemplate.  I’m planning my work, my future, my Tweets, my posts, my photographs, my life. For me, this weekend was a mental overload (in a good way), and when it was all said and done, I learned more than I could ever imagine, but no amount of wine, sleep, or cheesy daytime TV is going to help my tired body and mind. Then, to go to back to my real job less than 12 hours after my last event, I’m dragging and my brain hurts.

So what will we have for dinner?  Chicken. Chicken is easy.  OH and pasta.  Pasta is easy. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.  Good or Bad…I’ll post pics tomorrow, and we’ll see if I can pull off a Monday Night Miracle.

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