Brew Bus Brewing Joins the Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase at World Food Championships

After much anticipation and planning, we are thrilled to begin announcing the breweries who have partnered with us in our Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase at World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama in November 9-15

Brew Bus Brewing (Tampa)

brewingIn only five short years, Brew Bus has revolutionized the Tampa Bay beer scene. As a student at the University of Colorado, Brew Bus founder, Anthony Derby, realized the need for transportation to and from breweries. Upon returning from college, Brew Bus Tampa was born, offering guests tours to local breweries and destinations, all while enjoying craft beer in route.  Today, Brew Bus has two tour locations–Tampa and South Florida, public & private tours, and its own brewery & bus terminal, serving five flagship brews, as well as several limited edition/seasonal releases and special treatments of their core beer.

boyblue-med-res1rollin-dirty-med-resFor the Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase, Brew Bus has double challenged us to create not one, but two desserts using their award winning You’re My Boy  Blue!, a 5% abv wheat  ale made with real blueberries, AND their Rollin’ Dirty, a 5% abv Irish-style red ale with hints of chocolate and caramel. Since they’ve doubled the challenge, we’ll be making TWO completely different desserts with their fantastic brews–something completely Southern and the other completely and dangerously decadent!

Those attending our Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase will enjoy samples of BOTH dessert, as well as tastings of each beer that went into creating the desserts.  Join us on November 12 at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama!

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