3 Daughters Brewing Joins Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase at World Food Championships

After much anticipation and planning, we are thrilled to begin announcing the breweries who have partnered with us in our Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase at World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama in November 9-15

3 Daughters Brewing (St. Petersburg, FL)

3DB_Logo_Encapsulated_CMYK_CFor the past few years, we’ve spent a lot of time visiting breweries and attending beer festivals all over Florida.  It was during one of those craft beer weekends that we first came across 3 Daughters Brewing from St. Pete.  We were staying in an AirBnB on Tampa’s posh Davis Island and rode our bikes across the bridge to the local Publix Supermarket in search of snacks (and beer, of course).  One Cuban sandwich, a block of cheese, and a 6-pack of beer from a “new” St. Pete brewery later and our evening plans were made.  We had no idea what was in store when we cracked open our first cans of Beach Blonde Ale, and since that weekend, 3 Daughters is now a mandatory stop any time we are anywhere near St. Pete.

As it turns out, 3 Daughters Brewing may be a relatively new Tampa Bay brewery, but it has a rich history in the hospitality and restaurant industry.  The idea for the brewery actually originated when Mike (the owner) and Ty (the head brewer) were collaborating on a beer battered fish recipe at a local St. Pete restaurant.  Their decision to brew an original craft beer for the beer batter was such a huge hit that they decided to take their love of brewing to the next level…and 3 Daughters Brewing was born.

Everything in the 3 Daughters line up screams Florida and rightly so.  As natives of Florida, the 3 Daughters team has embraced the “Drink Local” movement and brews beer inspired by Florida lifestyles.  From their Bimini Twist IPA to the Stern Line Stout, their beer is kind of like having Florida in a can, and given their popularity and growing list of restaurants & retailers, local craft beer drinkers couldn’t be happier!
3drodbenderredaleFor the Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase, 3 Daughters has challenged us to create not a dessert, but another sweet treat…CANDY! Using their Rod Bender Red Ale, a 5.9%abv American red ale with malty caramel flavor, we are up for the task.  In fact, I can guarantee that this will be AMAZING candy…perfect for a World Food Championship crowd!

Those attending our Craft Beer in Desserts Showcase will enjoy samples of BOTH dessert, as well as tastings of each beer that went into creating the desserts.  Join us at NOON on November 12 at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama!

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