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**This post is NOT a paid advertisement.  I receive no compensation, monetary or gift, for my review of Gunter Wilhelm cutlery. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

12-piece-cutelery-set-model-2150I’ve been cooking since I was 8 years old, and over the years, I’ve used A LOT of knives–heavy handled knives, crappy cheap knives, scalpel sharp knives, dreadfully dull knives, trendy TV-infomercial knives, and even historic heirloom knives. And with the variety and range of those knives, you’d think that I would have found a favorite a long, long time ago. However, it wasn’t until making finals at World Food Championships in 2014 that I discovered the knives that I now use and refuse to compete without.

Growing up, my mom always had a huge collection of knives, and even at a young age, I understood that every knife will serve a different purpose.  However, I always preferred her one and only Wusthof chef’s knife.  I loved the weight, the handle, the edge, and when I became an adult, I had my own set of Wusthof knives thought I was satisfied. Then, came that fateful day when I, not only had made WFC finals in Vegas, received my first Gunter Wilhelm knife, the heaviest, largest knife I’d ever held–a 10″ chef’s knife in a black sheath.

Less than 2 weeks later, that one GW knife got some friends when my husband ordered a complete set of knives and the block from Gunter Wilhelm for my Christmas present, and as they say, the rest is history.  Yep, the rest of the knives went in the CARE center charity donation bin.  After using the GW prize knife for two weeks, I knew that I’d finally found the perfect knife.

Now, 2 years later, I’ve added another Gunter Wilhelm prize knife to the collection, and I still have no need for other brands of knives.  The block of knives has everything I need…chef’s knives, bread knife, carving knife, Santuko knife, clevers, sharpening steels, carving fork, and a paring knife (even though I somehow lost it at WFC in Alabama…a tragedy!)

As a chef, having phenomenal and reliable knives is ultra important. As a competitive chef, I need to be able to cut and chop quickly and effortlessly, so the heavy, yet balanced, feel and the razor sharp blade is undeniably efficient.  As a home cook with a family, I need knives that will last, so the lifetime warranty is an absolute must. Gunter Wilhelm knives are made from  “X50CrMoV15 high carbon stainless German steel and features a patented triple-tang handle design,” which basically means, they’re Superman tough and Batman reliable (and yes, I just compared a knife to a superhero!).  Yes, Gunter Wilhelm knives seem pricey, but they are no more expensive than competitors’ knives and when the GW website hosts a sale, their knives are more affordable than comparable competitors’ knives.  Add that affordability to the lifetime warranty, and it’s worth the investment.

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