Huge Victory for Georgia Craft Brewers and ME!

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This is AMAZING news for Georgia’s Craft brewers and their ever-growing fan base. Ever since the first craft brewery opened in Savannah, we’ve been bummed that we can’t go to he breweries just to have a drink while we’re in town. No, in order to enjoy Savannah craft beer, we had to either find time to go to breweries (most have limited hours due to tours), hope that we could find it on tap at a restaurant, or find it in a store.

However, there’s nothing quite like having a beer straight from the source. Breweries always have the freshest, most creative brews in site, and frankly, I want to sit in the brewery and have a flight (or two) and try everything they make…ON SITE!

Simply put, it’s about time! Congratulations to the craft brewers of Georgia and Thank you to the Georgia Legislature for stepping out of the dark ages.

Needless to say, on my yearly trip to Savannah in November, I’ll be at Service Brewing, Southbound , and Coastal Empire…just in case you need to find me!


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