#Giveaway: Gourmet Everyday Giveaway Kick-off!

Here we go…the FIRST of our GIVEAWAYS!!!!

In the coming weeks, we have some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things to giveaway.  But to kick it off, we’re giving TWO of our fans & followers cookbooks.  To be entered to win ONE of these phenomenal books, simply let us know which one you want…The Cabot Creamery Cookbook OR Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke.

HOW to enter…

You will receive ONE entry for every social media channel you follow.  For example, if you follow us only on FACEBOOK, you receive ONE entry.  If you follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and PINTEREST you receive FOUR entries.  However, if you subscribe to the Gourmet Everyday Blog, you will receive TWO additional entries.

So….LIKE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE to Gourmet Everyday, and you could win one of these amazing books.

WINNER will be chosen on June 1 and announced shortly thereafter!

3 responses to “#Giveaway: Gourmet Everyday Giveaway Kick-off!”

  1. I’ve actually been eyeing Project Smoke for a few weeks. Do I need to note anywhere that I follow you on multiple social media channels?

    1. Nope…i get notifications of everything!

  2. I would love the Cabot one. Love me some cheese!

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