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It’s THAT time of year again.  Holiday decorations are already showing up in major retailers.  This past week, I’ve already seen Thanksgiving decorations and pre-orders being taken for Christmas trees.  Seriously?!!?!  I’m lucky to have my tree up by Christmas eve!

I usually start my Christmas shopping in August because I love deals and shopping sales. However, in recent years, my early Christmas shopping has also been the result of indecisiveness and the search for the “perfect” gift. It’s growing increasingly more difficult to buy gifts for certain people in my life. Seriously!?! What do you buy for your 89 year old grandmother who literally has everything? What do you buy for your husband who can buy himself anything he wants? Soooo… my gift-giving has to get creative.

Like many of you, I’ve worked my way through the Amazon Prime Day deals and Etsy, but I’ve recently been turned on to Uncommongoods.com.  It’s like a theme park of cool gifts, unusual housewares, nifty tools & accessories that you never knew existed but definitely want, and gotta have one-of-a-kind pieces.  I thought I spent a lot of time trolling Amazon on Prime day, but the amount of time I can spend on this site is insane. There are so many collections and ideas that my wish list is far longer than I should tell my husband.

What is Uncommongoods.com?
Simply put, it’s an online retailer with a conscience.  From selling organic, sustainable products to featuring goods from artists and small manufacturers to giving the customer the ability to donate money to charities at checkout through their Better to Give Program, Uncommongoods is changing the way I shop. However, they are so much more.

Uncommongoods.com got its start in 1999 when the founder, Dave Bolotsky visited a craft show at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. and was inspired by the artisans and their products.  Uncommongoods.com was born to connect these artisans and their special creations with like-minded consumers.

Uncommon Solutions
26450_1_360pxMy biggest shopping dilemmas WERE my husband, my grandmother, my parents, and now, my teenage son.  Notice how I said “were”??? Yep…those shopping dilemmas are a thing of the past.

With cool gifts for men being broken into subcategories of dads, grandpas, and even teens, my Christmas shopping should be quick and painless. As strange as it sounds, buying presents for a finicky teen is the most daunting but with  unique gift ideas for teens like shark, taco, and sushi socks, microwave popcorn poppers, and night running headlights, I may be the Christmas hero this year! 24870_1_360px

As for Granny, aka “the woman who has everything” and mom, the selection of  unique gifts for women is impressive.  From exotic teas to gardening accessories to jewelry, there are so many great gifts that I won’t have to worry about Christmas and birthdays for a while!

Uncommonly Cool
19632_1_640pxLet’s be honest, most men need a little help in the gift giving department.  If left to their own devices, many will resort to jewelry (which is always nice), flowers (not terrible), and vacuum cleaners (not good). However, sometimes men ask for a “wish list,” which is FABULOUS.  With an entire section dedicated to gifts for wine enthusiasts, from an authentic Spanish Sangria pitcher to an Wine Cork Candles to Aerating Decanters, my wish list is growing daily.


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