Romantic Picnics in the Park

For some strange reason, people overlook the romance of a picnic.  Maybe it’s the idea of being outside and potential for bad weather. Maybe it’s the fear of ants. Maybe it’s the lack of great picnic spots. Maybe it’s a generational thing and I’m just an old soul. Or maybe it’s just something that you’ve never considered.

Well, let’s change that.

I never understood the appeal of a picnic either, until my husband and I spent one New Year’s Day in Savannah at Forsythe Park sharing a hot baguette and a paper bag full of cheese samples. It was on that day, sitting in the park, talking, laughing, watching the world go on around us, and simply relaxing that we decided to have our next Thanksgiving in the park, having a picnic.  That was 5 years ago, and we still have Thanksgivings in Forsythe Park.

This year, for Valentine’s Day, my husband planned a picnic for us at a local park–Bok Tower Gardens, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect afternoon.  No crowds, no reservations, no stuffy dress code, no over-priced meals…just us, a baguette, a basket of cheeses, and a bottle of wine.

Tips for the Perfect Romantic Picnic

IMG_20180214_205039_972The location of the picnic might be the most important decision to make.  A romantic picnic CANNOT be at the local play park.  No matter how much you love your children,  a ROMANTIC picnic does not involve them.
Suggestions: a less popular beach in the afternoon after the families have gone home, a local flower/nature park, near a lake, hike out to a remote area in a state or county park, or even a rooftop.

The Necessities
A picnic is a real hassle if you forget to bring the necessities. Make a list and pack what you need, but steer clear of bringing too much.  You don’t need china and real glasses, but you do need plates, cups, and even a corkscrew, especially if you’re going to open a bottle of wine.
Suggestions: plates, napkins, a knife, a corkscrew, bug spray, a blanket, a plastic grocery bag for your garbage, a camera

IMG_20180214_205039_971.jpgA Camera
Much like the picnic becoming a tradition, the picnic is a memory, so whether your using your phone or a real camera, take pictures–not just selfies.
Suggestion: Print some of the pictures from your picnic and frame them. Instead of buying art for your living room, your home is filled with pictures and memories of your time together.


The MenuIMG_20180214_205039_975
Please, please, please skip the store-bought, cold cut sandwiches and fast food. If you’re trying to impress someone, a cheeseburger in a paper sack is NOT going to do it. Plan a menu suited for the occasion. And, let’s not get confused.  A picnic is NOT a cookout.  Don’t lug the bbq grill to your picnic.  Spend your time together…not sweating over a grill.
Suggestions: Charcuterie (meat & cheese) & Wine, Ice Cream Sundaes, Salads, Sushi


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