Food Champ Recipe Club

What do you get when you marry the world’s largest retailer and the world’s largest food competition? The Food Champ Recipe Club…a collection of family friendly, affordable, quick recipes created for home cooks by World Food Championship Chefs.

party meatballs
Southwestern Party Meatballs, as seen on FOX 13 Tampa Bay and in Walmart stores around the country

When the program began in the fall of 2017, the WFC team of chefs set up in Walmart stores around the country with a handful of recipes promoting Great Value products, teaching home cooks tricks and techniques to amp up their meals, and giving shoppers a taste of what a competition chef can cook up in under 30 minutes.

As the program moved forward, more chefs were added to the team. More recipes were written. More cities were included, and more opportunities for home cooks to shine in the kitchen filled shopping carts around the country.

sausage rice
Sausage & Rice Skillet Casserole, as seen on FOX 13 Tampa Bay and coming soon to Walmart stores across the US

Now, after nearly a year, the team of Food Champ Chefs entertain and teach thousands of shoppers in Walmart stores around the country nearly every weekend. Each team member rolls into a market with four recipes, tips, techniques, answers, and suggestions for home cooks who may need a little help and inspiration.

And now, the Food Champ Recipe Club has gone one step farther with a one stop shop for home cooks and shoppers to get their hands on almost every recipe in the Food Champ arsenal. So even if the Food Champ tour doesn’t visit an area or shoppers aren’t able to be at Walmart on a demo day, the Food Champ Recipes are available on line for download and printing.

summer lemon
Summer Lemon-Cherry Parfait, as seen on FOX 13 Tampa Bay and coming to Walmart stores around the US

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