Forget Taco Tuesday, Bring on the Tots!

What started as a joke has taken a life of its own.  As popular as “Taco Tuesday” has become, last week, I proposed the birth of “Tater Tot Tuesday,” and to my surprise, the idea was a huge hit on Instagram and Twitter. Last night, I tested the idea on my kids and husband, and just as I suspected, they loved it.

Taco Tots

To help them grieve the loss of their beloved “Taco Tuesday,” I presented my kids with Taco Tots–everything they love on tacos, but on top of tater tots. On each of their plates, I layered baked (not fried) tater tots, hamburger meat, refried beans, cheese, and their choice of taco fixins’ (cotija, tomatoes, sour cream, avocado, etc).  My youngest was bummed because he could no longer eat with his hands, but quickly gobbled up his tots, when he realized just how tasty they were!

Endless Possibilities

My original plan was to have an Ultimate Tater Tot Cook Off; however, my boys couldn’t wrap their heads around anything on their tater tots beyond ketchup or cheese.  Now that they’ve had Taco Tots, I think they understand and next week, we will proceed with the original cook off plan.

Last night, as we ate, I asked the boys again what they would put on their Ultimate Tater Tots, and their answers were as diverse and creative as I’d originally hoped.  Ean (13 yrs) wants mounds of pulled pork, cheese, and BBQ, while Eli (8 yrs) wants a cheeseburger built on top of his–ground beef, cheese, ketchup, pickles, mustard, etc.  My husband, Jeremy (40 yrs), proposed a much more over-the-top tot–pork belly, shredded chicken, bbq, and a fried egg.

How would I top my tots?  Well, that’s a secret…for now. Let’s just say, that my tots are less sports bar and more bistro, and while my tots pairing is slightly unconventional, remember, the possibilities are endless.




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  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing – never though of it 🙂

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