Beyond Pigs In Blankets! Filling And Functional Party Appetizers

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The hard balance to get right when you have guests over is to ensure that everybody has a nice variety of food to choose from but also feels full. Much like the problem with movie snacks, they are in abundance but you never feel full. If you’re looking to put on a party whether there’s plenty of food but you want your guests to feel full it’s about choosing appetizers that truly go the distance. Let’s give you some suggestions beyond the standard finger foods.



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An ideal party food because it goes on anybody’s plates but due to the high quantity of eggs in a quiche recipe, as well as cheese, this dish will leave your guests feeling full. This quiche recipe is a godsend, especially when you want to whip up something quick. And while you may think that fat is evil it’s worth pointing out that it’s not as bad as we were told it was. When you start thinking about ideal finger foods in parties you have got to go for the high-fat and also high protein.


Potato Skins

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Ideal for those that need a bit more substance rather than chips and dip. Getting loaded potato skins ready is is incredibly simple. And the great thing about potato skins is that you can fill them with almost anything. You could put cheese and bacon, or chorizo and fondue, it’s up to you! Whatever you have planned, the potato skin is the thing that makes your guests feel fuller.


Spinach And Artichoke Dip

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While protein is a priority this doesn’t mean you’ve got to fill all your dishes with meat. Most dips consist of cream cheese but a spinach and artichoke dip using cannellini beans instead of cheese turns this popular dip into something a lot healthier. In fact, you can use pulses as a base for the vast majority of dishes. If you want to please most of the pundits and some of them don’t touch meat, pulses are the way to go.


Pizza Flatbreads

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Pizza is one of the go-to options for any party but if you want to give it a twist you can make your own dough, put it under the grill, and top it with all the fresh summer ingredients you want to make it a filling yet different party snack. Let your mind wander. If you are one of those people that like ham and pineapple on a pizza go a little bit further with peach and prosciutto. This is truly the taste of summer with a little twist.


Rainbow Deviled Eggs

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Who really touches hard-boiled eggs at a party? If you want to shake up this dull party staple you can incorporate so many different flavors into deviled eggs with sriracha and honey or guacamole. And the great thing about eggs is that they are cheap, not to mention nutritious.

You always want your party guests to feel that they’ve eaten well. If you want to go beyond the typical pigs in blankets, hopefully these ideas can get you going.

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