Breakfast Options That Will Get You Up Each Morning

Waking up at the crack of dawn for work each day can feel tedious when you don’t have anything to look forward to. Most people will get up, make a basic breakfast, and get ready to do their job. Taking the time to make a breakfast that you love can make a real difference when you’re motivating yourself to get up. To help you out with this, this post is going to be exploring some of the most exciting breakfast options out there, all of which have been picked with speed in mind. You don’t have to get up much earlier to give yourself a morning meal that sets you up for the whole day.


Pancakes have been a breakfast staple across the US and Canada for decades. Served with maple syrup, butter, sugar, and a host of other toppings, this delicious treat can set you up for a great morning. Making pancakes ahead of time can be a good idea, giving you the opportunity to simply warm them up when you want to eat them. Making batter and cooking pancakes each morning doesn’t really take much more time, though. It’s hard to argue that pancakes are anything but delicious, especially when you add a little bit of fruit to the mix.


Oatmeal is even older than pancakes, having been around for thousands of years in a huge range of forms. You can buy oats online and in most stores, using milk to make a breakfast that will fuel you for hours to come. There are loads of tips for the perfect oatmeal every time to find around the web, making it nice and easy to get started with this ancient dish. Add some fruit, sugar, or just about anything you like to make sweet oatmeal, with the option to go savory if you prefer.


Not everyone likes yogurt, but it can be worth giving this option a try if you’ve never had Greek yogurt before. Adding some cinnamon and fruit to a simple vanilla greek yogurt will give you a break that can be thrown together in seconds, providing you with a healthy option that will help you to develop a better immune system. It’s worth avoiding yogurts that are designed for children, as these tend to be packed with sugar and artificial sweeteners. This doesn’t make them unhealthy, but they are more designed for work with a young person’s digestive chemistry.

Scrambled Eggs

Packed with great nutrition, eggs are one of the best foods to have in the morning. Making scrambled eggs is very easy, with a little bit of milk being the only other ingredient you need. You can find countless scrambled egg recipes around the web, giving you plenty of methods to try when you’re trying to perfect your eggs. Adding some pepper, garlic, or other seasonings will give your eggs some extra kick. This is a breakfast option that kids will love, making it easy to provide hot food in the morning without having to spend loads of time in the kitchen.


While it may sound like the sort of breakfast you would make in a hurry, there are loads of ways to make toast more interesting. Crushed avocado has become popular in coffee shops and fancy restaurants, and this is a really easy option to make at home. It’s worth looking up a video to help you prepare your avocado, with a surprising amount of people injuring themselves while doing this job. You can find other options if avocado doesn’t appeal to you, with sausages and beans both being popular choices in countries like England. You can even find nicer bread to eat with this meal.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad from a can tends to come with loads of added sugar. Making this sort of breakfast for yourself is as simple as chopping up some fruit and berries, throwing it all into a bowl to enjoy for breakfast. Fruit is great because it contributes to a balanced diet without making it difficult to prepare something that tastes great. This is also a breakfast option that the kids will love, giving you a prime opportunity to sneak something healthy into their diet, all without making anyone unhappy in the process.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, setting you up and giving you the energy for work and the other activities you have to perform. This makes it worth spending some time on it each morning, working hard to prepare something that will motivate you to get up.

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