5 Snacks To Enjoy When Losing Weight

Losing weight is a challenging task, but with good determination, it’s very achievable. By exercising and eating well, you can slowly change how you look and become healthier and a lot stronger. You may not enjoy losing weight at first, but by changing your eating habits and regular practice, you can soon curve your old habits for new. You may be surprised, but snacking is a big part of losing weight, which is why you should try and eat low sugar snacks when looking to lose weight. Below are five snacks to consider when starting your weight loss journey. 

Apple slices with peanut butter

If you feel peckish and would like something a little different, why not try apple slices with peanut butter. A perfect choice when you are looking for something that is filling but also a sweet flavor. Try not to over-consume as peanut butter can be high in calories if eaten a lot, but peanut butter is an excellent snack in moderation. 

Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate 

Enjoying a clean diet is unrealistic and will lead to unachievable results. When trying to lose weight, always allow yourself some treats to keep you sane. When allowing yourself to have a treat, try and enjoy something that hits the sweet spot but isn’t 100% bad for you. This is where dark chocolate comes in; not only will it help with your sweet tooth, it will also fill you up and decrease your appetite, meaning you are unlike to keep indulging square after square. Have you seen my article on four reasons to swap takeout for fakeout?

Popcorn instead of crisps

If crisps are your weak point, you are not alone. Crisps are highly addictive and challenging to stop eating when you start. If you are trying to lose weight, crisps can be your downfall, but this is when popcorn can help. Popcorn helps reduce cravings and is low calorie and high in fiber, meaning it is considered a good alternative when trying to lose weight. 

Fruit to achieve your five a day

It may sound boring but getting your five a day is important when trying to lose weight. This is why, when snacking, your first option should be a piece of fruit. During the day, a banana will help fill you up and take on the remainder of the day, whereas an apple is good for your heart and weight loss. If you want something more exciting, you could always get some kiwi or pineapple to jazz things up. 

Yogurt as an alternative to dessert 

Another option if you have a sweet tooth, yogurt is high in protein and helps strengthen your immune system. If you are conscious about your weight, you can opt for some low-calorie yogurts, which you can enjoy as a dessert after dinner, instead of something heavier. If a yogurt isn’t quite enough for you, add some fruits to add some more health benefits and improve the flavor. 

Have we missed anything? What snacks do you enjoy when trying to lose weight? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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