5 Things to Bake This Winter

If you’re at home this winter with little to do except for plan your next winter nature walk or watch daytime television, you might feel like life is lacking some interest or creativity. Well, winter is the best time for baking warm hearty foods and it’s also a creative activity that will get you frantically searching the Internet for the most appealing baking recipes. Below are 5 things you can try baking this winter. 

Cookies and Brownies 

One morning you wake up and open the curtains, the street outside is covered with snow. There is fluffy snow on the car roofs, and slushy snow on the road where the cars are slowly driving. You put the heating on, it’s a day for the house. 


A day like this is perfect for baking but you don’t want to leave the house. That’s why cookies and brownies are the way to go. To make these you only need regular kitchen staples like flour, butter, eggs, and maybe milk. What could be better than a batch of warm brownies for watching the snow with.

Winter Cakes 

When the air outside is cold and dry and it starts to get dark a few hours after you leave your bed, you need something to lift your mood. Winter cakes like apple cake, chocolate cake, banana cake, and vanilla cake, are excellent to make in the winter and enjoy in the afternoon.


These winter cakes might sound fancy but they’re actually very straightforward to make. These cakes are classic cakes for a reason, they only require basic kitchen staple ingredients such as flour, fruits, and vanilla extract, and a Silicone Whisk for baking

Yeast Breads 

Imagine the smell of warm baked bread in the kitchen, it fills the kitchen with a golden small that spills out into the rest of the house. It might be cold outside, but the smell of baking bread puts a warmth in your belly.  


Yeast breads are again easy to make and can be cobbled together with whatever you have in your kitchen. Using yeast means you have to knead the bread. Yeast breads turn out warm, soft, and perfect for dipping in winter soup. 

Sweet Rolls 

Winter is not just about heavy hearty food that whets the taste buds and warms the cockles, it’s also about sweet things like cakes, breads, and rolls. Everybody needs a little sparkle in the winter months and sweet rolls are one way to find it. 


Making sweet rolls is not so different from making bread, you simply add certain ingredients such as cinnamon and sugar. After you’ve been for a winter nature walk you’ll be happy to return to the sweet taste of sugar and cinnamon.

Savory Treats 

At the beginning of the year when winter is in full swing you might be tempted to avoid heavy foods and get back into a healthy regime. You can do this by eating light healthy lunches that keep you warm and satisfied without the massive load of calories.


Savory treats like quiche, tarts, and pinwheels are the perfect stand in for heavy strew and meaty foods that people often trust in the winter. The reality is that exercise is a much better way to satisfy your body’s cravings for unhealthy foods in winter. 

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