Simple Steps To Become A Grill Master At Home

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to take charge behind the grill and cook food over an open flame? It is a fantastic experience that gets you feeling on top of the world. Generally, grilled food is relatively healthier, and so there is nothing wrong with visiting a BBQ restaurant now and then. On the other hand, if you want to try a few recipes at home, you can follow these simple steps to become a Grill master.

Choosing a grill

The main options here are charcoal grills and gas grills. Grill savants are of the view that charcoal grills deliver the best outcomes. But the convenience of gas grills for the home cannot be overstated. If you have a small budget and the patience to wait for the coals to come alive, charcoal grills are the best for you. On the other hand, gas grills are straight forward to operate. Also, with charcoal grills, you will have quite a lot to clean up when done. Making this choice is not so difficult, depending on how long you want the food to be on the grill for the perfect taste.

Creating your space

To properly grill food, you need to create ample space for everything that you will need. A side table is essential to help you prep and plate your food. Some grills may come with a small side table, and others may even have an extra burner that you can use to cook the food that will accompany whatever you are grilling. You will also need a clear area where you place a plate of food and hold other accessories such as tongs, brush, and a digital meat thermometer.

Prepping the grill

Depending on what meal you want to prepare, there are three things you must consider when prepping the grill. The first is the type of heat, direct or indirect. The second is the optimum temperature of the grill for what you want to grill. Finally, you must also figure out how long you want to keep the food on the grill. Remember to always preheat the grill before placing the food on it. The best way to preheat the grill is at a high temperature and then reduce the heat when you are ready to begin. Do not forget to spray a good layer of cooking oil on the grill as you heat it to prevent sticking when you place food on it.

Cooking the ingredients on the grill

Several foods are great on the grill, including beef, seafood, chicken, and even some vegetables. Here are the best ways to grill each type. Cook any beef-related foods over direct heat with your grill setting high. For thin cut steaks and hotdogs, you may turn down the heat slightly. Here are some free tips: allow steak to “rest” after it is done. It is best to place it in a foil for a while before proceeding to cut it up. To get steak tender, well-flavored, and evenly cooked, score the meat by making small cuts across the grain on one side and then with the grain on the other side.

For seafood, set your grill to direct medium or medium-high and use a lot of cooking oil to prevent sticking. Chicken usually takes quite some time to grill properly. Use medium heat and grill it slowly and it is best to brine it overnight. Remember to have your meat thermometer on hand to help you know when your chicken is sufficiently cooked. Zucchinis, asparagus, and eggplants are some of the vegetables that can be grilled and enjoyed. To grill vegetables, make sure you set your heat to medium. Vegetables can dry out quickly so be sure to watch them closely and do not keep them on the grill for long. To prep your veggies, all you need is salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Cleaning up

After you are done grilling make sure you clean the grill well. A wire brush can clean all the oil and food particles that may get stuck on the grill. Make sure the grill grates are clean to prevent bacteria from building up. Cleaning your grill immediately after use ensures that bugs and pests do not contaminate it. Also, make sure you cover your grill when it is not in use to maintain its performance and keep it in good condition.

It does not take much to become a GrillMaster at home. Follow these tips to serve up masterpieces that your family will relish.

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