How to Become a Better Dessert Chef

There are lots of ways to impress in the kitchen, but none tend to bowl over the family, friends and dinner party guests the way an incredible dessert does. If this is the weak spot in your culinary arsenal as things stand, we’ve got some tips and tricks that’ll help you to start to improve your skills and abilities as a home dessert chef. So read on now to find out more and start creating desserts that no one at your dinner table will be able to resist.

Get Inspired and Keep Learning

Getting inspired and learning as much as you can about how other people make desserts will help a lot. Luckily, the internet and social media offer no shortage of great chefs and bakers sharing their recipes, ideas and techniques day after day. Getting inspired and striving to always learn new techniques and new ways of doing things will keep you on your toes.

Work on Presentation

When it comes to truly impressing people with the desserts you concoct, it’s a good idea to work on presentation. Doing so will make people sit up and take notice of what they’re being served before they’ve even had the chance to taste it. And remember, a large part of the eating and tasting process is done with the eyes, so presentation and creative flair should never be ignored.

Use Egg White to Seal Pastry and Avoid Sogginess

Egg whites are really important when you’re cooking sweet pastries. We’ve all heard about the dreaded soggy bottom and what you do to avoid that when cooking a pastry dessert is seal the pastry with egg white before cooking. That way, the structure will be maintained and you won’t have to worry about the texture being ruined by the time it comes out of the oven.

Nail Down the Fundamentals

It’s important to have a few key dessert recipes under your belt that you can call upon when you want to make a safe and reliable dessert that’s also going to taste great. Getting these fundamentals right will be the building blocks towards bigger and better things. Find the best brownie recipe and learn to make a stunning yet simple victoria sponge cake. These kinds of skills will serve you well.

Make Use of Seasonings and Spices

Finally, you should remember that seasonings and spices are not just for savory dishes. Finding the right balance of flavors and using spice to your advantage is always important when making desserts. That’s particular true when making pastry desserts that are built around a fruit filling. Combining that fruit with the right spices is one of your most important tasks for dishes like these.

Creating great desserts at home is a much different challenge to cooking great savory dishes. But what it all comes down to is practice. Over time, as you hone your technique and develop the key skills associated with baking and making desserts, you’ll notice the finished product improving.

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