How to Make Healthy Upgrades to Your Cooking Methods

If you want to make more of your cooking efforts and you want to make healthy meals for your whole family, it might be necessary to make a few changes. Healthy upgrades and simple swaps are easier to achieve than you might think. And most importantly, those small changes can have a big impact on how healthy your meals are. Here are some examples of the kind of health upgrades you can make to your cooking methods.

Don’t Over Boil Vegetables

When you boil vegetables for a little too long, you run the risk of removing all the flavor and some of the nutrients in them. That’s why you should either boil them for a lot less time than you’re used to boiling your vegetables for or even not boiling them at all. Many now believe that microwaving vegetables is the much healthier and more flavorsome way to cook vegetables, so keep that in mind.

Upgrade to Healthier Oil Options

The oil you choose to cook with is something you should be careful now to overlook. When you choose an oil, look at its boiling point and the nutrients it offers. Upgrading from a bad olive oil to a High Polyphenol Olive Oil is an example of the kind of change you might want to make. There are lots of oils out there that you can cook with, so do your own research before coming to a decision.

Swap Salt for Other Flavoring Alternatives

Swapping salt for other types of flavoring alternatives might be something you want to consider if you’re looking to lower the sodium content of your diet. Salt is not great for us, and it can be replaced with other spices, lemon juice or a range of other things depending on the situation and the food that you’re cooking.

Trim the Fat

When cooking with meat, it pays off from a health perspective to get into the habit of trimming the fat. Getting rid of that extra fat will make a big difference to the overall fat content of the dishes you’re making. All it takes is a little extra work at the preparation stage, and it can even make your dishes more pleasant to eat too. Most people don’t like finding rubbery fat on the plate anyway.

Get Into the Habit of Modifying the Recipes You Follow

It’s important to stop feeling constricted by the recipes you follow. Instead, try to look at these recipes as a basic blueprint that you can flesh out and adapt in ways that suits you. When you adopt that kind of mentality, you can start swapping out alternative aspects of the recipe with more balanced and healthy options instead.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways in which you can upgrade and improve your cooking methods in healthy ways if you want to. So be sure to make the most of the things we’ve discussed here and don’t waste any time putting these changes into effect.

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