5 Tips to Help You Buy Your Next Grill

Adding a grill to up your BBQ game can be a great investment. If you spend a lot of time outside cooking and hosting friends, you need a girl who is up to the tasks and can allow you to create mouth-watering BBQ food the whole neighborhood will be queuing up for.

But what exactly do you need to consider when buying a new grill?


How you fire up your grill is important, and the option you chose needs to be carefully considered. Do you want to run your grill on propane or natural gas? Once you choose, you can’t always change how you fuel your new BBQ grill, even though you can buy gas conversion kits. Natural gas grills mean you will need to hook your grill up to a gas line on your property. This will be easier and cheaper in the long run, but you will need to gas engineer to ensure correct installation. Propane grills are usually cheaper to buy initially, but you will need to take frequent trips to the propane store.


There are literally hundreds of BBQs for sale each year. BBQGuys stock a great range of grills to choose from. The price you pay will realistically reflect the quality of your grill. If you are a frequent grill master and choose to cook a lot of meals this way, it is worth paying a bit more to get better quality specifications and a more durable, hardworking grill.


Stainless steel is the preferred cooking metal, and stainless steel BBQ grills can be expensive. Pay close attention to how the grill’s body is put together and if the whole grill is made from stainless steel or if it is painted. Lower-priced grills tend to be painted, and this option will rust quicker, meaning it won’t last as long. Other metals are used to make grills, including cast aluminum – which will outlast other grill materials, sheet metal, and cast iron.

Size and Functionality

What exactly do you need your grill to do, and how much food do you need to be cooking on it at any one time. If you are using your grill to host parties, cookouts, or feed other people frequently, you want a grill that can handle the pressure of heavy-duty usage. Features include side burners, multilevel cooking, warning shelves, storage compartments, rotisseries lights, and more. Of course, all these extras come with an added cost. However, if you will make use of these features, it could be worth the investment.


Another factor that is important when choosing a good grill is how much heat it produces. Smaller compact grills can produce the same if not more heat than bigger counterparts. The BTU rating measures the heat, but other factors can affect the heat level, too, so don’t be fooled into thinking a higher BTU rating means it produces more heat. Use that rating compared to the size of the burner and the overall way it handles the heat.

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