Stay Natural, Not Fast and Cheap

When your car is low on fuel, and you stop at the fuel station, will you fill your car with oil? No? Why not? It’s still a liquid, and it’s a mineral too? Indeed it does the same thing as petrol or diesel? You are shocked and outraged because you know the effects of adding the wrong fuel to your engine and the financial implications of fixing the problem. Great, it speaks towards your responsibility and common-sense notions. Now, why are you stuffing your body with junk and preservative-enhanced food? If you are what you eat, can you see yourself as a pizza dripping in oil? 

Impatience Will Bite You

The one thing that we all struggle with is patience. Instant gratification is a real problem society is facing. Anything taking longer than 15 minutes is an outrage, and we want to speak to a higher power so that they can bend the rules and give in to our demands. Very bratty attitude, but it worked in the past, so we are all starting to become Karen’s. That’s one of the reasons we gravitate towards fast food establishments. It’s quick, convenient, and under our 15-minute waiting threshold. And heaven helps the person who makes you wait one minute more. But what is the price you pay for quick convenience? High in preservatives to save on costs, from the cheese on the patty to the oven baked-from-frozen, sorry excuse for french fries.

Sugar High

A study done on mice showed that the same brain areas are highlighted when they drink sugar water and when ingesting heroin. The same experiment took it a step further where the mice were only given sugar water and stayed on a continuous heroin high. Then they gave the option to the mice where they can choose to either get their heroin fix or drink the sugar water. All the mice chose the sugar water. The addiction and cravings for sugar were more than the narcotic. We have a daily limit that our bodies can handle of the sucrose, which is 25 grams (6 teaspoons). That sounds like a lot and easily manageable, but because the addicted qualifies sucrose present, we tend to overindulge. That and all the sneaky ways sucrose is added to our food and drinks. From juices (not the freshly squeezed kinds) the burger buns, cakes, and more. If you start adding it up, you consume around 17 teaspoons of sugar (71.14 grams). Don’t go through life fearing anything sweet and tasty, but get your sugar naturally. You can get your natural sugar in many ways, from sweet fruits (freshly cut or squeezed) to Local Hive Honey.

Local Is Better

Ever wonder how come the bread you buy at the major supermarket stays “fresh” for so long? Artificial preservatives! It’s lab-made, and you are eating it in abundance. Start looking at the back of your groceries. Any word you can’t pronounce or has weird acronyms in them; are all not natural vitamins and minerals. Lab fabrication to make your groceries last longer and taste sweeter (or better as they put it). For the sake of your own life, longevity, and health, support local farmer’s markets. It’s taken from the ground to your table. All sweetness is natural and will only last as long as Mother Nature intended it to last.

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  1. My sincere hope is that one of the takeaways from the Pandemic is more people cooking their own food at home and wasting less.

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