The Food Revolution Starts Now

In case you didn’t know, we’re more focused on what’s going into our bodies now than ever before and with very good reason.  Americans are more obese now than we’ve ever been in our history, and this is costing us dearly.  Not just in the health and wellbeing of our families but obesity-related issues are costing our healthcare services billions of dollars every year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Here we’ll break down some fabulous, indulgent and gourmet styles of cooking that will keep your taste buds tantalized and your waistlines in check.


While so many of our favorite indulgences from France have enough butter in them to sink a battleship, there are equally some fabulous alternatives that taste great, make you feel great and will have your guests singing ooh la la at your new flare for Francaise.  You might not think that you can still indulge in your favorite French onion soup, but by making a few little changes your breaths’ favorite food will be back on the table in no time. Find this and other great ideas, here.


So between the vegans and vegetarians, you’re going to attract a lot of raised eyebrows here, but you can eat meat and make it healthy too. You don’t have to have giant portions of beef, smothered in sauces to enjoy the taste of a fine steak.  It mostly comes down to the way you prepare your meat and of course, what you enjoy it with.  Think about grilling and serving with fresh, steamed vegetables seasoned with exotic spice and fragrant herbs instead of starches with cream heavy condiments.


Our favorite food from the continent extends way past pizza and decadent desserts.  Especially as we’re going to be heading into cooler weather soon, Italy has dozens of varying styles and types of cuisine from fish-based dishes to vegetable-focused plates from Tuscany, you can still feel continental without bowls piled high with pasta.  Try out this hearty, delicious Minestrone soup recipe.


We love to eat.  Whether it’s overindulging on thanksgiving or seconds and thirds during the holidays Americans love food – and why wouldn’t we?  Our melting pot of culture that is our country has brought migrants from every corner of the world and this has permeated into our styles of cooking, and not all of them are friendly to our favorite jeans.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to quit altogether, it just means getting creative with how you prepare your chicken pot pie.  Here are some delicious homegrown (and slightly altered) favorites.


And then when you’ve worked hard, made the changes to your diet that brings you into the “health nut” category, what’s the best part?  You get to indulge a little.  Look, you don’t have to suddenly go from having a lust for life and all things indulgent about it, to living on a carrot stick and piece of lettuce, but just a few small changes can have a big impact.

Bon Appetite!

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