Dieting to Reduce Excessive Weight

You may have been struggling with weight loss even after trying different workout programs. While physical activities help you cut off the extra pounds, you need to check your diet. 

What you consume plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your weight loss. Also, you may wonder which are the best foods that help in weight loss to reach healthier goals. Read on to gain some of the best tips that can help your body get leaner and more healthy.

Take Foods Rich in Fiber.

Foods with a lot of fiber can help you feel fuller, reducing the amount of food you take. Consider oat, whole grain bread, fruits, and non-starchy vegetables, brown rice, and pasta. These foods enhance calorie deficit which reduces your appetite.

These foods reduce the number of calories you take, promoting healthy weight loss by reducing your appetite. Fiber, especially viscous fiber, empties the stomach, increasing the digestion and absorption times. With this, you are more likely to feel full for a long time, reducing the amount of food you take in.

A Snack, Maybe?

It is advisable to take a small amount of food at given intervals. Where possible, you should take three meals a day and two snacks in between meals. However, you may find it challenging to incorporate snacks into your diet now that most snacks have a lot of carbs, which can hinder the effectiveness of your weight loss plan.

If you have encountered this nutritional predicament, don’t worry. While there has been a shift to healthy eating, you have several low-carb snack options that are healthy and delicious.

Are you a fan of pumpkins? It is one of the best foods to reduce excessive weight loss, as it is one of the local and low-carb foods. You can get the recipe for amazing pumpkin freezer bars to add to your meals.

Some of the other snacks you can take include mini frittatas, salmon salad celery boats, keto sushi rolls, collard green sandwich wraps, and avocado egg salad when struck with hunger in between meals.

Avoid Liquid Carbohydrates

Drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks, unsweetened grape and orange juice, sweetened iced tea, and lemonade have high sugar content and lack micronutrients. Liquid carbohydrates cause high levels of appetite, which may increase your food intake levels.

Instead, you can replace these drinks with keto smoothies. Consider making a smoothie with avocado and coconuts. You can also add nut butter to add on the fat content and give it a creamy texture.

Other fruits you can use to make keto smoothies include lemon, lime, and berries. If you prefer vegetables instead, include cucumbers, spinach, kales, and jicamas. To spice up your drink, add monk fruit, stevia, vanilla extract, or cinnamon. These small changes will have a significant impact on your health.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps you reduce your appetite, controlling the amount of food you take in. It also speeds up your metabolic rate slightly, increasing the number of calories your body burns daily.

It would be best to take at least 500 ml of water three times before meals to help reduce body fat. However, ensure you take water half an hour before meals. It will make you feel fuller and eat fewer calories, promoting weight loss.


Loss of excessive weight is crucial to healthy living. Replace your high-calorie foods with low-carb foods and water to reduce weight. You will surely see positive results with consistent healthy eating.

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