The Benefits Of Cooking With Garlic

Garlic is one of those herbs or vegetables, depending on how you see it, that is used a lot in cooking. Whether it’s in a powder form or fresh, there are a lot of benefits and uses for it whether you’re using single buds at a time or whole cloves of the stuff. Here are some of the wonderful benefits that cooking with garlic can provide.

It’s A Great Flavor Enhancer

As an accompaniment to your food, it’s a great way of enhancing the flavor of your food. It’s also one that’s so versatile whether you’re adding it to a spaghetti bolognese or you’re making a garlic confit to simply spread on a bit of toast as a snack. 

Garlic is something that people will tend to avoid because of its pungent smell but it can really add something extra to your food and can take a dish from a basic level to superior. When you want restaurant-worthy meals at home, it’s always useful to chuck in a garlic clove or two. There are also plenty of dishes that you can use garlic to enhance the flavor, even if it’s not something that was intended in the recipe!

Good For Your Immunity

Garlic is known to be great for keeping you happy and healthy. It’s a natural immunity boosting plant that is great if you’re not feeling fantastic. Whether you have a cold or a sore throat, many will turn to garlic as a natural medication for soothing that throat infection or helping to fend off the bug that you might have.

In general, garlic can be great to have on a daily basis in order to fend off anything that might try and knock you out. If you have a weaker immune system, then it’s definitely a good idea to bring some more of the garlic into your daily meal intake.

Offers Many Other Health Benefits

There are many other health benefits that garlic has surprisingly. It’s good for reducing inflammation and it’s also a good one for your heart health too. There are benefits to having it for the health of your skin too, which makes sense if it helps flush out all the nasties that you may have in your body.

For such a small plant, it can pack a lot of power with each clove that you use.

Makes For Some Great Dishes

As mentioned above, garlic can help contribute to some great dishes. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and experience in the cooking department then experimenting with garlic and herbs are a good way to level up your cooking skills. It’s always good to try something new too and if you’ve not tried garlic before, then you’re surely missing out on a beloved accompaniment to many dishes.

So whether you add it to a dish or eat it picked or even raw, garlic can have some great benefits to your health and wellbeing. Why not try garlic in more of your meals?

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  1. I can’t imagine cooking without garlic!

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