Why You May As Well Try to Make a Living from Your Passion

When all is said and done, just about everyone has something that they feel passionate and enthusiastic about – whether in the form of a hobby, a particular interest, or a dream of aspiration that they would like to explore at some point in time.

It could be that your passion is researching delicious recipes such as this charcuterie and cheese board from Foolproof Living, and then spending your evenings and weekends preparing some delicious cuisine.

Or, it might be that your passion is painting, or making music.

In any case, many people would love to make a living from their passions, but end up being discouraged from doing so by social expectations, or as a result of their own internal doubts.

Here are some reasons why you may as well try to make a living from your passion.

Because if some people can do it, why not you?

The first question to ask is: “has anyone made a living doing this before?” If the answer is “yes,” as it almost certainly will be, the next question to ask is “why not me?”

While certain hobbies and pastimes are naturally more difficult to make a living from than others, and while there may be all sorts of other factors in the way, the bottom line is that most people who end up making a living from their passions didn’t begin by feeling confident that they would be able to do so.

It’s important to remind yourself that there’s always a possibility that you will actually be able to do it, especially if you are highly motivated and persistent. 

So, instead of talking yourself out of even trying, get started and see where the path goes.

Because you can have a lot of fun, and develop a lot of memorable experiences by doing so

Even if you don’t necessarily end up in a position where you are making a full-time living from your passion, you can be sure that following your passion can reward you with all sorts of positive and memorable experiences that you would otherwise not have had.

Not only can you discover new professional opportunities and avenues when working to make a living from a passion of yours, but you may learn valuable life lessons, and may end up in situations that you never would’ve imagined.

Since a major part of a fulfilling life is the journey itself, this is an important point to keep in mind.

Because life is a lot more rewarding when you spend a significant amount of time doing things that you genuinely care about

The bottom line is that life is always more fulfilling and rewarding when you are spending a significant amount of your time doing things that you genuinely care about, as opposed to allowing most of your time to be taken up by chores and duties that you don’t find very meaningful.

Spending a good chunk of your time engaging with a passion of yours can significantly boost your sense of well-being and zest for life, in and of itself.

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