The Light Desserts That Will Scratch That Sweet Itch

You might have a bit of a sweet tooth that needs appeasing and trying to cut sweets out of your life entirely might make healthier diet choices harder to stick to. However, just because you need that sweetness doesn’t mean you have to take a deep dive into the thickest, heaviest, and most indulgent options available. Here are some sweet desserts that can keep you satisfied without sabotaging any healthy eating attempts you’re going for.


You can treat yourself healthily and feel on the fancier side at the same time with a lovely pink souffle that looks all too tempting to sink your spoon into. This gluten-free raspberry souffle makes it even easier to cater to different dietary needs, sweetened with honey to keep the taste natural yet delicious. It only takes 25 minutes to prep as well, making it easier than a lot of the other desserts you might be thinking about.

Key lime pie

You might not think of pie as an overly light dessert, but there are some that, when well made, are fluffy, delicate, and practically melt on the mouth. Key lime pie is a classic and, while cream cheese might be on the calorie-heavy side, it’s still light enough to work perfectly on a summer’s day. This easy key lime pie can help you end up with the perfect pie without as much work as you would need to normally put in.


When it comes to light and fluffy, there are few that can scratch that itch like a good macaron. This French macaron recipe makes it easy to serve up a plate of these airy and delicate cookies. Aside from being light thanks to the meringue layers and almond flour coating, they’re also very visually appealing, which makes them a great dessert to serve to a table of guests, too.

Banana cereal pops

Want something super simple, super healthy, and super delicious? These frozen banana cereal pops are as easy as you can imagine. You put some bananas on sticks, dip them in yogurt, roll them in cereal, brownie crumbs, crumbled cookies, or whatever topping you like, then you freeze them. It takes only a few minutes to prepare then time to freeze. Perfect for adding a little extra fruit to your family’s diet as well as for a cooling summer treat.

The lighter donut

If you think that donuts are too heavy and too indulgent to make for a light treat, then think again. Whole wheat flour doughnuts that use almond milk in their mix are deceptively light yet still sinfully delicious, thanks in large part to the vanilla glaze and the use of real cocoa powder instead of melted down chocolate to add that nice rich taste to the mix.

Light desserts are perfect for after a filling dinner, as well as during the summer when it’s too hot to eat lots of heavy foods. Hopefully, you’ve got plenty of ideas on light treats you can serve up easily.

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