4 Reasons Why Food Appetizers Are Always Essential

Statistics indicate that about 39% of restaurant-goers order an appetizer as part of the whole food experience. For some people, an appetizer may not necessarily be important due to the notion that they increase the overall cost of the restaurant bill. However, contrary to that perception, every good restaurant ensures that food appetizers are priced low, compared to the entrée. Here’s why appetizers are always important.

  • Showcases creativity and variety

In the culinary industry, appetizer creation is highly competitive. It allows chefs and cooks to showcase their creativity and the variety of starters they can whip up. First of all, because appetizers are meant to slow down the hunger process, it is believed that a well-presented hors d’oeuvre allows the client to take a moment to appreciate the looks of it. Indeed, this will involve a great deal of creativity and psychology to make a client wait before eating.

Many restaurants usually offer what is considered standard appetizers. This can be the bread roll or baguette with packaged butter. However, for a restaurant interested in attracting more people, the focus will be on heightened creativity and offering variety. Undoubtedly, people love to try out new food as long as it looks, smells, and tastes good.

Again, in this industry, creativity is a driving tool for success. Moreover, because it is considered an art form, it becomes essential to continually improve upon previous food successes. This feeds into the need to showcase creativity and offer variety in creating appetizers.

  • Whets the appetite

When you’re hungry, the human stomach produces acids in preparation for food. Waiting too long to eat anything can result in the discomfort people tend to feel when famished. With an appetizer, however, the small portions you consume helps to manage your appetite – while whetting your appetite for more to come. Indeed, that is the overall objective of a food appetizer. It also explains why appetizers are light, small, and not too filling to prevent you from enjoying the main course or the entrée.

According to culinary experts, an appetizer works on your palate in readiness for what is to come next. That is why most chefs prepare appetizers with a little more focus on salt or a savory taste. Research has shown that savory appetizers whip up interest in food and condition the digestive system for a heavier meal.

This information is critical as it helps you understand the hunger process. If you’ve ever been famished before eating, you may find that you tend to eat far more than your body requires – without really appreciating the taste. With an appetizer coming first, you will slow down enough to savor the main dish. If you’re not a pro chef and you want to try making appetizers at home, you can prepare these 15 minute frozen meatballs in the instant pot, which will do for a homemade appetizer.

  • Helps food service run smoothly

Social functions like dinner parties, wedding receptions, etc., tend to increase anxiety, especially when the main food serving element gets delayed. Bear in mind that some people attend these social functions hoping to socialize and try out dishes being served. In the unfortunate event that the main dish is delayed, your food appetizers can save the day. That will, however, depend on how tasty the starters are.

More so, at such events, it is vital to serve at least three varieties of appetizers with emphasis on different tastes. For instance, if one appetizer type is sweet, it helps to make the others savory. Even with savory appetizers, you will find varied tastes that create the same calming effect on your party attendees. As humorous as it may seem, it is a strategy that works every time, so keep this in mind.

  • Saves time

Many appetizers cook quickly, saving you time as the host or restaurant chef. Some appetizers take 5 minutes to prepare, while others can take about 15 minutes to be ready. The whole objective is to provide guests with something to eat while buying time to cook the main dish, which usually takes longer. Some appetizers are made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen for culinary experts who run a food business. That way, with a bit of warming in the microwave, it is ready to be eaten.

On the other hand, some appetizers are cold and can be eaten straight from the refrigerator. If you’re serving people at home, the guiding principle is to prepare your appetizers ahead of time to save you from rushing the main dish.

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