3 Ideas for Making Your Own Edible Wedding Favors

There’s no denying that weddings are expensive, so when you’re planning your big day, chances are you’re on the lookout for ways to reduce costs and perhaps DIY what you can. If you’re a keen hobby baker you might have toyed with ideas of how to utilize your skills to save money, but even if you don’t have the confidence to go all out and bake your own wedding cake, there are other things you can do! Wedding favors are a great place to consider; since these are smaller items they’re much more doable if you’re not an expert. When it comes to wedding favors, some argue that these can be cut completely to save money, but they’re a really nice gesture and can add to your table decor too. Plus, unlike many other kinds of wedding favors, edible items are much more likely to be taken and enjoyed so actually are worth the effort. If you make them yourself you can save so much money, and you have full creative freedom for how they’ll turn out. Here are some ideas!


Macarons are great for wedding favors as they’re delicate and look fancy and can be made in a variety of colors. Go with traditional pastels or match the colors to your wedding colors. While they can take some practice to get right initially, if you’ve got a good macaron recipe and follow it to the letter you’ll eventually get it right every time. Make a big batch of them a couple of days before the wedding, and display them in cardboard favor boxes, or go with clear plastic sleeves. You can find things like this cheaply on ebay. Macarons can look so effective, most people like them and it will look like you’ve spent a lot of money when in reality it doesn’t cost much when you make them yourself. 

Iced cookies

If you search Etsy for wedding favor biscuits, there are so many options- these are becoming an increasingly popular wedding favor option. But no need to spend a lot of money having someone make them for you, if you have baking skills then do them yourself. Get inspiration online and purchase the biscuit cutters and equipment you will need- if you’re only making one or two different designs (for example, a bride and a groom shaped cookie) you won’t need many things to make them. Browse for inspiration and then decide which direction you’ll go in with it. The cost of making simple biscuits is very little, admittedly the decorating will take time and will likely be a labor of love. But as long as you store them properly afterwards, this is something you could do in the week leading up to the wedding. Get some clear cellophane to display them with and finish with some curling ribbon and a custom tag or sticker, you can have these printed incredibly cheaply. A beautifully displayed iced biscuit at each place setting for your guests to take home makes the perfect wedding favor. 

Moulded chocolates

If you’re a creative person but baking isn’t necessarily your forte then creating your own chocolates could be way to go. Chocolate moulds can be found in all shapes, sizes and types these days so you’re bound to find something that suits the look you’re after. After carefully tempering the chocolate (search online to get instructions for doing this properly as it’s a very important step) pour into the moulds. Depending on how simple or elaborate you want to make them, you could line the moulds with edible glitter, you could add fillings, you could decorate them in all different ways. Again search online for wedding chocolate DIYs for inspiration and have a go. Once they’re finished and fully set, they could be displayed in organza bags or clear cellophane bags. Just make sure you have plenty of room in your fridge to store them up until the wedding so they stay nicely preserved, especially if your wedding is in the heat of summer. 

Homemade edible wedding favors make a fantastic talking point and are a nice treat for your guests. They can be fun to make too and be an exciting thing to do in the leadup to your wedding!

What edible favors would you consider making for your big day?


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