Throwing The Most Awesome Garden Party

With the summer fast approaching it is the perfect time of year for a garden party. There is never any need for an excuse to throw a garden party but a birthday or other special occasion could be one reason. If you are wanting to throw the most amazing birthday party that will have your friends chatting for weeks then look no further. It isn’t just about what you have there, it is also about the company that you have. Take a look below to see what else you need. 

Guest List

First of all, if you are wanting to throw a garden party then you will need guests to attend said party. Once you know the date of your garden party, work out how many people will be attending and get some invites sorted. You might want to send personalized ones, these cost more money but will have the professional edge to them that screams classy and sophisticated. 


In this day and age with technology and everyone having a mobile, it may be tempting to send the invites over social media or text. How about you go old school and surprise your guests with an actual invite. Make sure that on the invite you include the date of the party, as well as the time, and where it is being held. You might also like to ask your guests to bring a bottle or contribute some food, but this is entirely up to you. 

Food & Drink

No party is complete without food and drink. If there is one thing people always remember about a party is the food they were served. Now, there are a couple of options when it comes to what food to serve. You could opt for a buffet-style layout where your guests can come and go with their plates as many times as they like. You can do this yourself at home or you could hire a catering company to do it for you. This could include sandwiches, quiche, sausage rolls, and fruit sticks. You could also serve a BBQ, everyone loves a barbecue in the summer and there would be something for everyone. The problem with this is you would need someone to stand there in the baking heat cooking it for everyone. 

In terms of drinks, you could ask your guests to bring their own bottle of something to share out with all the other guests. That way you will end up with an assortment of drinks and you would only have to fork out for a couple of bottles and the mixers. If you feel cheeky asking your guests to do this then you could choose to do a cocktail bar hire for a couple of hours. Your guests will love this and they have an array of different cocktails. 


Finally, every party needs some form of entertainment. Even if it is just some background music coming from some speakers you have set up. This is easy enough to do, just link the speakers up to your phone and whichever music account you use. You could also choose a tad more expensive option and hire a DJ for your party. If you want your guests to have something to remember the day with then look into hiring a photobooth for the duration of your event. 


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