Wanting To Throw The Coolest Corporate Event? Here’s How!

If you run a business and you are wanting to throw a spectacular corporate event then there is some planning involved with this. You may be arranging everything yourself, especially if you are a new company. If you are an established company then you may want to save some time and hire an events planner to sort everything out on your behalf. No matter which way you sort the party, it will be amazing and all your guests will have a wonderful time. Take a look below to find out what you need to throw a spectacular event. 


One of the first things you need to sort out is the venue. This will need to be big enough to hold all the guests that will be in attendance. You need a venue that is suitable and one that can be dressed up to look the part. One thing to be aware of is having enough room for everyone to mingle. You don’t want your party guests packed in like sardines, you need them to be able to walk around and engage with others. Make sure that the venue you choose knows you’re holding a corporate event, they may be able to offer you set packages that include food and drinks. 


Now you need to think about who you are going to invite to your event. You might want to invite your whole team so they can network and put in a good word for your business. Expand your horizons and invite other businesses to attend your event. If your event is all about networking and spreading the word about your business then it may help to find individuals and companies who will be able to help your business. You might also like to think about inviting key speakers to your event to talk about different subjects relating to your business as well as others.   


What drinks are you going to serve at this event? As it is a corporate event, more than likely happening in the evening, think about giving your guests a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival. This will put everyone in the mood and get people comfortable for the evening. You might want to have alcohol and soft drinks available for your guests, the more the merrier. If the venue doesn’t have drinks available on site then you could get some outside companies in to help with this. You could find a cocktail bar hire company to come and cover your event, this helps you both out. You could also use them again for any future events. 


Finally, food is one of the most important things at an event like this. If it is happening after work or in the evenings then your guests will more than likely be a bit hungry. If you are sorting the food yourself then a buffet-style type setup will work best. You can hire a company to help with this if the venue doesn’t offer it as part of the hire. Alternatively, you could have a sit-down meal with various courses. A starter, main, and dessert for instance. 


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