Takeout Food That you Can Make at Home

The cost of living continues to rise, and businesses across the board seem less sensitive to prices and consumers’ willingness to pay. It’s an unsustainable model because customers simply turn to more practical options, like making takeout treats in the comfort of their homes. 


Pizza is a firm favorite the world over when it comes to takeout foods, but if you order one online, you can expect to two or three times as much as what you would pay if you made your own with ingredients bought from the local supermarket. Why not with prices rising? 

The next time you’re in the supermarket, think about your pizza night, or ham and cheese sliders, and pick up the ingredients you need; better still, create a grocery list with everything on it and control your spending. To make a pizza you need a pizza base, pizza sauce and toppings. 


Visit any food list on the internet, and kebabs are listed somewhere near the top; often, they are above pizza, or they come a close second. Like pizza, kebabs can be designed with your favorite ingredients so you can get creative in the kitchen on your treat night and save big. 

To make a successful kebab, you will need some pitta pockets; again, you can buy these easily at the supermarket, and they are very affordable. There are some things you don’t want to do without on your kebabs, such as fillings and sauces, so search the internet for the best kebabs. 

Stir Fry 

If you’re in the mood for a tasty stir fry or ramen soup, your first instinct might be to open your app or browser and start ordering from Wagamamas or something similar. Chances are your even have an order pre-programmed into the website; of course, this is a recipe for spending. 

If you want to reduce your takeout spending without affecting your quality of life, then pick up the ingredients you need for a stir-fry or ramen at your local supermarket. The markup at Wagamama is significant, and you mostly pay for the service, so save money and stay healthy.   


It’s not every day you have a sushi craving, but when one comes along, there’s nothing much you can do about it. Sushi is not the easiest takeout food to make, and you probably use this fact to justify your decision to call one in, but actually, sushi is satisfying to make on your own. 

Making sushi requires some special ingredients and tools, but again, they are available in supermarkets, so you can pick them up with a sushi night in mind. What you need is some nori sheets and a rolling mat; you will also need some sticky rice vinegar that you can find easily. 


Burritos are one of the cheapest takeout foods to make, but if you order one, you know how much you can expect to pay. Instead, buy some burrito wraps from the local supermarket and choose your fillings. Research burrito recipes online if you need some inspiration. 

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