What to Cook on the Barbie This Summer

Everybody loves a BBQ in the summer and let’s face it nobody is going to complain if you serve the same food as last year – but why would you want to do that? Instead, mix it up with some surprising flavors and textures and enjoy the satisfying chomping sound of your garden guests. 

Carne Asada

Beef and steaks are a firm favorite of BBQ enthusiasts around the world, but if you are somewhat bored of the same old same old steak ideas, why not try something a bit different this summer? Carne Asada is a beef recipe that originates in Latin America, and it rocks! 

Carne Asada is a Mexican steak with a citrus marinade. This dish is easy to cook on the BBQ whether you want to grill the beef or smoke it; it is also a versatile option; you can have Carne Asada as the main mean, on skewered kebabs, or learn how to make bbq chicken salad

BBQ Beef Ribs 

If you want something a little bit more conventional for your BBQ this summer, then choose BBQ beef ribs in an Asado style. BBQ beef ribs are smoky, succulent, and versatile. Again, you can enjoy this meal as a main, or combine it with vegetables on a kebab or for a delicious side. 

The Asado style is one way to make your BBQ beef ribs more interesting, so if you want to combine a traditional meal with something with a special flavor, check out the Asado style ribs. Asado style uses Flanken-style short ribs and chimichurri sauce to create a memorable meal.  

Blue Cheese Grilled Burgers 

Most people associate BBQs with beef steak, ribs, grilled chicken, and various other wholesome meat meals. When it comes to burgers, they tend to think more of fast food restaurants rather than a friendly get-together on the back patio. But blue cheese grilled burgers might change your mind. 

Blue cheese grilled burgers are made using high-quality ground beef that cooks wonderfully on the BBQ. The smell of these burgers is going to rise up and whet your appetite making the neighbors envious at the same time. The buns are topped with a creamy blue cheese sauce.   

Indonesian Chicken Satay 

Looking for something different for your summer BBQ gathering? Look no further. If you love the taste of eastern flavors, then you’re going to love this satay chicken recipe that can be eaten on its own, with a salad, or on skewers making it a tasty and memorable feature of your evening. 

By itself, chicken can be fairly tasteless, and many of the traditional sauces have become mundane on the western palette, but that’s not the case with Asian sauces such as satay sauce. Satay sauce is an excellent way to bring a new flavor to your BBQ chicken dishes this summer.   

Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken 

Another tasty way to bring your summer BBQ to life is by cooking some Portuguese Piri Piri chicken. Again, this popular European BBQ meal combines traditional ingredients with surprising flavors to keep the food interesting and memorable at your summer event. It also smells amazing!   

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