10 Ways to Use Garlic Butter

Garlic bread from the store usually contains garlic butter. But it tastes so much better when you make it yourself.

Take a regular piece of sourdough bread, cut it into slices and then make a melted garlic butter dip on the side. Then dunk your soldiers into it like you’re dipping them into a boiled egg. 

Garlic Butter Steamed Clams

Steamed clams also work exceptionally well with garlic butter, similar to mussels. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to make. 

Just steam your clams until they’re cooked. Then toss them with some garlic butter and add some freshly chopped parsley. All of a sudden, you have a near-supernatural meal that tastes absolutely delicious. And it’s so simple. It just takes a few minutes to make. 

Garlic Roasted Carrots

If you’ve just bought a big bag of carrots from the store but aren’t sure what to do with it, then why not try garlic roasting them? Garlic roasted carrots are incredibly simple to make and also extremely good for you. 

To do this, find a big non-stick baking sheet. Then chop your carrots into chunks and spread them over the sheet. 

Next, prepare the garlic butter. Take some butter, freshly minced garlic and olive oil and mix them together. Then pour the garlic butter onto the baking sheet. Roast on a low heat until the sugars start to come out of the carrots. Just make sure that the garlic doesn’t burn. 

Seafood Stew

You can also use garlic butter in fish stews. This seafood boil recipe explains how. 

Adding garlic butter to broths helps to make them more satisfying and filling. It improves the texture of the dish and helps it to taste more luxurious. 

Buttered Shrimp

Regular garlic shrimp is delicious. But garlic butter shrimp is next-level. It’s also incredibly easy to make, meaning that you can quite easily whip it up on a weeknight. 

Start by preparing the garlic butter. Then just take the shrimp out of the packet and fry. Add the garlic butter towards the end of cooking for a delicious result. Serve with light buttered greens and sweet rice. 

Steakhouse Buttered Kebabs

If you’re more of a meat-and-potatoes-type person, buttered steakhouse kebabs might be more your sort of thing. 

These are easy to make. Start by chargrilling some steak on a griddle with garlic butter. Then roast some veggies of your choice until they are al dente. Then, once all the ingredients are partially cooked, chop them and put them on skewers and place them in the oven on a low to medium heat. Then serve with more garlic butter or sweet chili sauce. 

Make Cheesy Garlic Bubble Bread

Making regular pull-apart bread is difficult. But regular cheesy garlic butter bubble bread is much simpler. It’s the ultimate snack and the perfect accessory for your next social gathering or event. Put the recipe on standby whenever you get together with the rest of your neighborhood. 

Garlic Butter Salmon

Continuing the fish theme, you can also pair garlic butter with fresh salmon and get delicious results. 

Cooking salmon so that it has a crispy outer coating and soft, fleshy interior, is difficult when you use regular oil. Most of the time, you just wind up burning it while the inside remains raw. 

But with garlic butter, this risk goes down. Cooking with it reduces the margin of error, giving you more predictable results. Plus, it tastes so much better. Just sprinkle with parsley and chopped, roasted peanuts or sesame seeds for a delicious meal. 

Garlic Steak Bites

If you love steak, garlic and butter, then it is possible to combine all three into a single dish. Garlic butter steak bites give you everything that you could ever want from steak night.

Garlic Butter Mushrooms

If you want something a little more vegetarian, you might want to try garlic butter mushrooms. Mushrooms are at their best when fried in butter, and garlic only adds to their taste. 

Just be warned, you’ll need to use a lot of butter. Be prepared to part ways with an entire stick. If you are cooking button mushrooms, cook them whole in the pan. 

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