Five Diverse And Delicious Curry Dishes To Try

There’s no denying that there are few things better, especially on a chilly day than a fresh and delicious warm curry. You can make curry with rice, noodles, fries, or even have it on its own. However, if you’ve only ever had something like a korma, then it might be time to expand your horizons. If you already know you love the feel and sensation of eating a curry, then here are a few different tastes to try out, as well.


Originating in Indonesia, but with plenty of adaptations made by families in Malaysia, we’re kicking off with one of the most distinct and different curries, mostly for the fact that this is dry. Don’t get it wrong, though, rendang paste still soaks into your meat, making it very moist, tender, and delicious. It’s great for keeping for longer periods of time, as well.



Indian curries have largely been popularized through diaspora-inspired recipes like tikka, but if you want something that’s a little more authentic to what would get served in a native Indian restaurant, then Malvani is one of the picks you must try. This is a very spicy curry, indeed, using cardamoms, peppercorns, chilies, cumin, and more. There’s more than just spice alone to it, however, as these flavors combine to make a truly unique treat.



Fish might not be the most frequent choice for a curry dish, at least in the Western world. However, with Goan, it tends to be the meat of choice. That said, you can still have it with chicken, vegetables, or any “main” ingredient of your choice. It’s another spicy one, too, but distinct for its use of kokum and vinegar. If you want to try it how it’s “meant” to be eaten, or how it’s most traditionally eaten, then you should go for a prawn dish.



There are few cuisines with as rich a tradition in curries of different flavors as the roster of Thai food. You might have had one or two already but, arguably, this massaman curry recipe is the absolute peak of them. Thai curries blend a wide range of flavors and this sweet, spicy, creamy, and zesty dish is no different, making good use of lime to cut through the thickness of coconut oil that can make other curries a little cloying.


Beetroot curry

You might not think that beetroot would be the most fitting ingredient for a curry but if you want to really get out there, then this Sri Lankan dish is not only beet purple in color, but it has an interesting sweetness that’s not found in many other dishes. However, it’s still very much a curry and brings a nice mild heat, which is good if you’re done with singing your tongue on some of the spicier options featured.


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all curries are the same. With the examples above, there is plenty of opportunity to discover a new favorite. Don’t get tired of the same old recipes, add some variety.


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