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Beer + OJ = Beermosa

A few years ago, I was sitting in Cigar City Brewing on a Sunday morning and heard someone order a “beermosa.” Curious, I ordered one and was quickly informed that “beermosas” were only for brunch guests.  Brunch?  What brunch?   As it turns out, Loko Cuisine, the “Eggs & Kegs” caterer, had been serving unique …

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Craft Beer…an under-rated, unused, unsuspecting, ingredient

First and foremost, I love beer. And, for many like-minded people, that statement doesn’t hold a bit of negativity.  However, for too many people, a statement at simple as “I love beer” incites ideas of alcoholism and addiction.  A few weeks ago, while I was sick, my mother asked, “Does your doctor know how much you …

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