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Greek Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

The massive spits of roasting gyro meat, the hot pitas, the potato salad-topped Greek salads, the display cases full of unpronounceable pastries, the lemon potatoes, the tzatziki, the Greek spaghetti…

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Best Beer at Florida Brewers Guild Craft Beer Fest

Recently named one of USA Today’s Best Beer Festivals in the US, the Florida Brewers Guild Craft Beer Fest in Tampa’s Cotanchobee Park draws record numbers of beer lovers and for good reason.

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Beer Bloggers Conference: Recap from Milwaukee #BBC17

Jeremy Freeze, Gourmet Everyday Photographer & Contributor When Milwaukee was announced as the location for the Beer Bloggers Conference 2017 at the close of the 2016 conference, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Tampa had been our first Beer Bloggers Conference experience, and being from the area, we already knew the beer scene there. …

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Summer Brewery Tour: Old Coast Ales & Ancient City Brewing (St. Augustine)

When many people think of Florida, Orlando and Miami are the first cities that come to mind, but surprisingly, St. Augustine has a huge tourist population.  I used to think that the only people who went to St. Augustine were Floridians, but after going there so much over the past few years, I’ve come to …

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Summer Craft Beer Tour: Playalinda Brewing Company

This summer hordes of families will head to Florida for vacation, and a great majority of them will wind up in Orlando visiting the theme parks. As much as I dislike the whole theme park vibe, I understand that for families with children, visiting the mouse is inevitable.  However, for all of those who do …

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Off-the-Beaten Path Florida Vacation Excursions

Having grown up and lived in Central Florida for 40+ years, I pride myself on being able to enjoy this state without needing to step foot in a theme park and without having to stand in lines for hours. In our 13+ years of parenting and travelling, we’ve amassed a list of destinations that we’ve …

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Summer Craft Beer Tour: Dogfish Head Brewery

Jeremy Freeze, Gourmet Everyday Photographer & Contributor For years, Dogfish Head has been one of those breweries that consistently puts out fantastic beer, and admittedly in Florida, we don’t get enough of it. When we hear that our local liquor store has a few bottles of “120” in we rush down and buy our allotment. …

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Best Off-the-Beaten Path Seafood Restaurants in Florida

As a lifelong Floridian, wife, mother of two, and proud theme park hater, I’ve done my fair share of trekking the back roads and off-the-beaten-path destinations in the real Florida, and no matter where our adventures take us, there is one rule that we eat by…NO FAST FOOD and NO CHAIN RESTAURANTS! Simply put, whether …

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Best Beer Finds at Hunahpu’s Day 2017

March 8, 2014, is a date that will live in craft beer infamy as the day that Hunahpu’s Day nearly died.  In only its fourth year, the 2014 Hunahpu’s Day was supposed to be one of the “best” rare and exotic beer fests, not only in Florida, but in the world.  After growing from a relatively …

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Fire and Oak Grill…Jersey City

At the most inopportune time, I’ve gone out of town for what could be a life changing opportunity (more on that later), and as usual, I set out from my hotel, on foot, to find a Taphaus that should have been, according to Google maps, an 11 minute walk. However, I’m a Florida girl and …

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