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National Pie Championships: Double Chocolate Macchiato Pie

One of my favorite flavor combinations is dark chocolate and coffee. By it’s 1st place win in the Open Category at the 2019 National Pie Championships, I think the judges agreed. Print Yum National Pie Championships: Double Chocolate Macchiato Pie IngredientsCrust: 15 shortbread cookies (enough to make 2 c. crumbs) 4 TBSP butter Filling: 2-8oz …

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*NEW* Private Parties & Pairings

Gourmet Everyday has expanded to include food-centric, themed, private parties and pairings throughout Central Florida.  What does this mean?  Simply put, we bring the food, the instruction, and the party to you.

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Brown Sugar-Tequila Glazed Sirloin Bacon Sliders

When tasked with creating new recipes for World Food Championship’s Taste of America contest, we were given a random and somewhat limited basket of sponsored ingredients from which we were challenged to use products from at least three sponsors. Given that I’ve been competing in sandwiches for several years now, my brain seems to naturally …

30 Minute Meal Appetizers & Snacks contest recipes recipe

Dubliner Egg Rolls with Corned Beef and Cabbage

Inside of my Irish themed egg rolls, we have thinly shredded cabbage, precooked corned beef, and buttery smashed potatoes with a tangy dipping sauce.

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Shrimp Ceviche Salad on Tostadas

it’s not a traditional ceviche recipe since we’re starting with a precooked shrimp, but it’s in the ceviche style and it’s just as refreshing and light for a hot Florida day.


Pecan Crusted SPAM Sliders with Citrus Kale Slaw

A little over a week ago, my husband read an article in our local Creative Loafing that a SPAM Cook-off was being held at the Florida State Fair and that they were looking for one more chef to compete. Well, I’m always up for a new competition, so I emailed the organizer and volunteered. I’ve …

featured recipe Sandwiches World Food Championships

Sweet Tea Chicken Biscuits

The real name of this sandwich was “Sweet Tea Brined Cornbread Crusted Chicken Biscuit with Fried Egg,” and the more accurate description is even longer. However, the sandwich itself, regardless of name length, is one cohesive, Southern-inspired, piece of heaven, and while it seems difficult to make, it’s actually quite easy. **My tip is to …

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Tilapia with Manchego Grits and Warm Crab Salsa

The real challenge for many home cooks is using what is readily available in the neighborhood grocery store and turn it into something fantastic, something creative, something inventive. In many rural areas, such as mine, access to gourmet or specialized goods and grocery stores is quite limited. Granted, I can order just about anything I …

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Mixed Berry Tea Ring

As a young girl growing up in the south, going to church socials and covered dish luncheons was nothing unusual.  Whether it was the monthly, after-Sunday-service lunch or a holiday social, the ladies of the church always put their best dishes forward.  As a foodie from birth, I have always associated food with people and …

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Steak & Sweet Potato Hash

I live in house dominated by men…one husband, two sons, and even the dog is male.  They are as manly as it gets…meat, potatoes, dirt, mud, guns, trucks, boats…totally male!  Every once in a while, I cave and give them a break from girly food and perfect platings.   Needless to say, I have to …

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