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Opportunity Awaits at Food Wine Conference 2017 #FWCon

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade. Tom Peters Last year, when I was given the opportunity to attend Food Wine Conference and work as a Brand Ambassador for the Florida Strawberry Growers Association, every fiber in my body wanted to run–run as far and as fast as I could possibly …

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Everything I Need to Know, I Learned at #FWCon 2016

After attending a weekend conference as jam packed as Food Wine Conference was, one should take time to carefully digest all that was learned, organize business card collections, sort swag bag hauls, and reflect on the overall experience. Attendees should examine and contemplate the true beauty of photography, the universal importance of Tweets and Likes, the …

Food and Wine Conference Just My Thoughts... Uncategorized

Finding My Passion at the Food Wine Conference 2016 #FWCon

When I graduated college, I had dreams of being the greatest thing the field of education had ever seen.  I would take under-performing, uninspired kids and turn them into driven, awe-inspiring students.  Obviously, I’d seen too many Stand & Deliver, Dangerous Minds, and Dead Poets Society style movies. It only took a couple of years …

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