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Coffee Mistakes Most Amateurs Make

If you’re looking to start making your own high quality coffee at home using a machine, then you’re going to want to avoid the mistakes that most amateurs make. You can just throw the coffee in the machine, add water and press a button, but taking a little more care with it will result in …

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Making The Best Possible Coffee In Your Kitchen

It’s no secret that coffee shops charge a small fortune for the drinks they offer. Often being equivalent to the price of a meal in some places, it can be hard for normal people to justify spending like this, even when they find themselves relying on coffee to get up each day. Instead, most will …

Desserts National Pie Championships

Recipe Testing NEVER Ends

Each year, around December, I begin making test pies for Christmas and the American Pie Council‘s National Pie Championship. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes, they are complete disasters. For whatever reason, I love using cream cheese, coffee, chocolate, and caramel. This year, at my husband’s request, I’ve made him a pie using his favorite …

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