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Turkey Burgers Any Which Way You Can…Day 3 of Kitchen Clean Out

To be quite honest, I think this kitchen clean out may take more than these 3 or 4 days that I planned.  In fact, I’m finding more and more stuff that needs to be cooked and used. Just last night, I cooked dinner without ever using my pantry. Everything came from the refrigerator or freezer. …

Breakfast Just My Thoughts... Mains

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Breakfast & Dinner

With a full-time teaching career, a baking business, 2 ADHD kids, 2 dogs, 20 chickens, and an active husband who loves to travel as much as I do, I’ve had to learn ways to cook efficiently and creatively. I believe that it’s my responsibility to feed my family…and feed them well.  I believe that my …

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