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Blogger Challenge Desserts featured recipe

Creamy Cranberry Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

The end result…a almond flour shortbread sandwich cookie that was filled with a creamy blend of cream cheese, butter, Steviva blend, and a few cranberries for color and flavor.

Blogger Challenge featured Mains recipe Sides & Salads

Wedge Salad with Turmeric Grilled Chicken & Nectevia Ranch Dressing

Wedge Salad with Turmeric Grilled Chicken and a ranch dressing made with Steviva Brands Nectevia, agave fortified with stevia

Blogger Challenge Breakfast Desserts featured recipe

All-Natural Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bites

As a parent of two ADHD children, I’ve read my fare share of research, blogs, diets, wild-haired experiments, and theories regarding effective, and sometimes alternative, ADHD treatments. While I’m not a medical professional and do not claim to be an expert,  I base much of my boys’ treatment on my readings and work from college. …

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