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Summer Brewery Tour: Old Coast Ales & Ancient City Brewing (St. Augustine)

When many people think of Florida, Orlando and Miami are the first cities that come to mind, but surprisingly, St. Augustine has a huge tourist population.  I used to think that the only people who went to St. Augustine were Floridians, but after going there so much over the past few years, I’ve come to …

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Summer Craft Beer Tour: Playalinda Brewing Company

This summer hordes of families will head to Florida for vacation, and a great majority of them will wind up in Orlando visiting the theme parks. As much as I dislike the whole theme park vibe, I understand that for families with children, visiting the mouse is inevitable.  However, for all of those who do …

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Off-the-Beaten Path Florida Vacation Excursions

Having grown up and lived in Central Florida for 40+ years, I pride myself on being able to enjoy this state without needing to step foot in a theme park and without having to stand in lines for hours. In our 13+ years of parenting and travelling, we’ve amassed a list of destinations that we’ve …

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